Amanda Grames

How did you begin your yoga practice?
I discovered my yoga practice after developing my meditation practice and Reiki teachings. I was in need of a physical practice equally as intriguing and mind expanding as meditation and Reiki. 

Why do you practice yoga?
I practice yoga because it just feels good! The more I move through my body and gain the strength and courage to work through the poses, the more my mind follows the openness of freedom. It just feels good to grow. It feels good to move with intention and stretch with purpose. It’s an experience all of its own and it’s something to be felt within. 

Where did you receive your training? 
Soul Yoga Studio

When were you certified?
October 2018

Why do you teach yoga?
I teach because I get the opportunity to witness metamorphosis right before my eyes. We are forever changing and growing. I am honored to be consciously apart of something so sacred and constant. 

What else do you do with your time? 
I homeschool my son, O’rion and daughter, Indigo. I’m a Reiki Master and Teacher. I own Natural rEvolution, a Reiki and Crystal infused organic skin care line. I’m obsessed with food and trying new recipes, the weirder the better! I’m extremely crafty and love creating anything from toddler finger paintings to elaborate vision boards.

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?
Right now... headstand. After LOTS of practice I can finally do it! 

How would you describe your classes?
Eclectic. A balanced combo of getting grounded and being lifted. I passionately include knowledge about crystals, chakras, sound healing and anything deeply thought provoking. Expect to experience meditation in its varied forms. I’m constantly learning and evolving so it is safe to say you will leave with a new, exciting experience every time.