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Read about the various classes that we offer. Decide what style suites your needs and then decide if you want to practice in a non-heated, warm (80-90 degrees) or hot (91-101 degrees) room. 


Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is an ancient practice that perfectly complements your active (yang) practice or lifestyle. In the Yin practice, postures are held 1-5 minutes each. These long, meditative holds stretch the deep connective tissues of the body. Passive floor poses focus on the hips and spine,  allowing youto release stress and tension. All levels are welcome.


Gentle Yoga

A calming, stress-relieving yoga class focused on rejuvenation and healing. Stretch and strengthen the body gradually while building awareness of the breath and the body. Recommended for all levels looking for a soothing, relaxing, and restorative experience, especially those newer to yoga or working with special concerns or injuries.


Beginner Yoga

This class is designed as an introduction to the practice of  yoga, including asana (the physical practice), pranayama (breathing) and deep relaxation. Class is slower paced than an all-levels class, and includes more instruction and commentary to help you establish safe alignment in foundational poses.  You don’t need to be able to touch your toes; you just have to be willing to try. 


All-Levels Yoga

This class is paced for the intermediate practitioner while providing instructions and modifications to accommodate beginners, and enough challenge for advanced practitioners. You will be skillfully guided through the asana (physical) practice. You will be encouraged to challenge by choice... to decide what is appropriate for you in each moment. You will have the opportunity to explore pranayama (breathing) and deep relaxation.


Advanced Yoga

This vigorous practice is intended for advanced practitioners and will focus on asana variations that require strength and flexibility. Class moves at a faster pace and may include inversions, hand and arm balancing postures and deep twists and back bends.  Of course, we'll save time for a sweet savasana.


26 and 2

This is a heated class consisting of 26 classic Hatha yoga postures and two breathing exercises. The sequence is not connected with vinyasa; instead, focus is on breath and stillness in between poses. Perfect for all students, beginner through advanced. This series is extremely healing, detoxifying and balancing resulting in a feeling of deep calm.


Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yang yoga blends flow (yang) with meditative holds (Yin) to bring balance of the light and dark sides of our nature. Pranayama is incorporated through out this practice to bring breath, body and mind into one. 

 Devoted Soul Yoga instructor, Jordan Suber, lending assistance in downward facing dog.

Devoted Soul Yoga instructor, Jordan Suber, lending assistance in downward facing dog.

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