Colleen Sullivan

How did you begin your yoga practice? 
I might say my practice of syncing breath and movement began at age 5-16, dancing growing up. My spirit was always most free dancing in studios and stages throughout childhood. I picked up my practice again, later in adulthood, when I got a Yoga DVD to stay physically healthy. After having my second child, I had severe back pain from labor. The physical therapy exercises that I was given, reminded me of yoga flows, so I began taking yoga classes and practicing more regularly. Yoga has significantly strengthened my spine and spirit over the past 5 years.

Why do you practice yoga? 
Yoga has greatly improved my physical and mental health. It has reduced my anxiety, back pain, and teaches me to appreciate my body as it is, each time I step on the mat. I am a more compassionate, humble, and balanced person, after each practice. 

Where did you receive your training? When were you certified?
I received my 200 hour yoga training at Soul Yoga Studio in Salisbury, MD. Certified in October 2018.

Why do you teach yoga?
I got to a place in my practice that I wanted to share the benefits of yoga with my community. My intention is to help others find peace and balance through connection of breath, asanas, and meditation. 

What else do you do with your time? 
I’m a mother, a baker, and a substitute teacher. I love to read, paint, garden, travel, and play at the beach with my kiddos. You might even spot me kayaking with my husband on the river while the kids are at school. 

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?
Garudasana-Eagle pose is my jam! There’s something about getting all twisted up and still seeking balance that gets me centered and humble. 

How would you describe your classes?
I grew up dancing in dance studios with my cousins, so creating vinyasa flows that sync up to good beats is the goal. And hopefully we have some fun while we’re at it!

Is there anything else you'd like to tell your students?
You can work out at least half your problems on your mat, if you just show up to practice. Yoga has a way of healing you, from the outside in. It’s not always easy, but your journey to peace and balance is totally worth it.