I want to come to my first class. What do I need to do?

First let us say, welcome! We are so happy that you have found our community. To get started, read about the different types of classes that we offer under "classes," and decide which class you would like to attend. If you are brand new to the practice, we recommend starting with a "beginner" or "gentle" class. But, if the times that we offer those classes don't work for you, feel free to come to an "all-levels" class. The teacher will be sure to give you lots of options for modifications if needed. We recommend starting with a "warm" class before trying a "hot," if you are unsure how your body might handle the heated space. Once you have decided which class you want to attend, simply arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of that class so that we can get you signed-up. The teacher will show you around and have you fill-out a waiver. At that first visit, you will be able to drop-in for $8 ($15 to drop in after your first visit) OR you can sign-up for a month of unlimited classes for $40 (normally $99/month or $75/month when you sign-up for an annual contract). Enter with confidence, knowing that our instructors are highly skilled and confident in helping you get started in the practice. Our community is down to earth, welcoming and diverse.

Can I sign-up for a month of unlimited for $40 AFTER I drop-in for $8?

Unfortunately, no. The way that the introductory offer works is that at your visit you have to decide between the $8 drop-in or the $40 introductory month of unlimited. We certainly recommend signing up for the full month so that you can experience a variety of classes with different instructors, and see how often you are able to get in to the studio. If after your first month, you are coming more than twice a week, we recommend sticking with our unlimited pricing options ($99/one month, or $75/month when you sign-up for an annual contract).

I bought a package awhile ago, and I think a few visits were remaining when my package expired. What can I do?

Our packages (5 class pack, 10 class pack, and 20 class pack) are valid for 6 months. If you had visits remaining on a package when it expired, we will reinstate those expired visits when you purchase another package (5, 10, or 20 class pack- cannot be a drop-in). For example, if you had 2 classes that expired, and buy a 10 class pack- you will have 12 classes to use. Unfortunately, we cannot reinstate expired visits unless you do purchase another package.

I am looking to relax and unwind. Which of your classes would you recommend for me?

All of our classes will have an element of relaxation. Each teacher is different, but we all encourage a focus on breath that is relaxing and we all leave time for savasana (or final relaxation) at the end of class. However, if you are wanting a more slow-paced practice with an emphasis on the relaxation element of the practice, we would recommend a "gentle" class or "yin" yoga. Read more about each of those class descriptions under "classes."

What should I wear?

The answer to that question depends in part on which class you choose to attend. If you are attending a "hot" class, you might want to wear something cool like a tank top. Some postures may be easier in longer leggings rather than shorts once we get sweaty (ie- crow pose), but that is really your preference. Most importantly, wear clothes in which you can move easily and freely. Try to avoid tops with knots on the back so that you are comfortable lying on your back. Do plan to practice in bare feet, remove jewelry and we recommend leaving your watch outside the studio during practice. We also ask that you refrain from wearing scented lotions and perfumes in respect for those with sensitivities to fragrances.

I'm pregnant. Is it safe for me to practice yoga?

The short answer- yes! We recommend that you attend our prenatal class where the emphasis is truly on caring for your body during pregnancy and connecting with your baby. But you could also attend yin yoga, or if you are looking for something a bit more vigorous, we would recommend any of our other non-heated classes.

Do I need to bring anything?

If you have a yoga mat, we recommend that you do bring it. If not, we have mats that are available for you to rent for $1/visit (that just covers the cost of cleaning the mats). We have all the other props that you will need during your practice (blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps), but if you have your own props you are certainly welcome to bring them. You will want to have water during your practice and you might want to have a towel to wipe away sweat.

Can I leave during class?

In order to keep disruptions to a minimum, please plan to arrive on time and stay for the entire class. If for some reason you do need to leave early, please let the instructor know in advance if possible. You are, of course, always welcome to enter and exit the studio (quietly please) during class to use the restroom, get water, or cool off.

Do I need to sign-up in advance?

For workshops and special events, we strongly suggest that you sign-up and pay in advance to hold your spot. For regular classes, you do not have to make a reservation, although you may do so if you would like (see "schedule.")

If my teacher is using words in another language, what is it?

The traditional language of yoga is Sanskrit, the language of ancient India. Some teachers will call the asanas (or physical postures) by their Sanskrit names and others will not. It can be helpful to know the Sanskrit names of the postures in order to understand the intention and story behind the name of the posture. If you are interested in learning more about Sanskrit, check out our lending library by the front desk or ask your teacher where you can learn more.

Do you offer private sessions?

Yes! We offer private and semi-private sessions for those looking for a more individualized practice or a little more 1 on 1 attention to detail. Our private sessions are intended to help you reach YOUR goals. Most all of our teachers are available to private sessions. Reach out to Eva, the studio owner through the "contact us" section or ask your teacher about setting up a private session. The cost is $50/hour for a private. If you would like to set-up a semi-private session, there is an additional $10/person charge. For example, if two people want to set-up a semi-private session, the cost is $60 total (or $30/person if you are dividing the cost evenly).

I can't touch my toes and I find it hard to sit still for more than 2 minutes. Can I do yoga?

Absolutely! In yoga, the goal is not to touch your toes, but rather to establish a connection between mind, body, and spirit. The goal is not to achieve a certain posture, but rather to pay attention to what happens in each moment of the practice. Plus, if flexibility is an area of particular struggle for you, your body NEEDS stretching. The same is true for the mind, the harder it is for you to be still and quiet, the more this practice is truly for you. You enter with compassion, non-judgement and total self-acceptance... we are ALL learning.