Lauren Gilmore

How did you begin your yoga practice?
Yoga has found me at different times in my life when I have needed it the most. I first took yoga when I was going through reverse culture shock after moving back to the U.S. after teaching in Japan for three years. I experienced my first hot yoga class with a group a friends and instantly felt at peace on my mat. Since then, I have experienced yoga in a variety of ways and spaces! I began to practice yoga regularly in 2012 and have maintained that practice!

Why do you practice yoga?
When I relocated to Salisbury, MD in 2012 and was hired to teach first grade in Wicomico County. Teaching is stressful, and I found that yoga helped me remain grounded and centered. I practice yoga to release daily stress, stay healthy, and cultivate self-awareness.

Where did you receive your training? When were you certified?
I will receive my 200-hour yoga teacher-training certificate from Eva Whipple at Soul Yoga Studio in October 2018!!

Why do you teach yoga?
I teach what I love! I love the way yoga makes me feel, and I want to share the stories behind the poses and give a space for people to explore themselves on their mat.

What else do you do with your time? 
When I’m not teaching at West Salisbury Elementary School, you can always find me walking my dog around the neighborhood! I also love to practice my hand lettering! Hand lettering is a wonderful form of meditation, and I find it as relaxing as yoga!

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?
My favorite yoga poses change almost monthly! I tend to fall in love with the poses I find the most challenging and want to avoid! I have very tight hamstrings, so poses that provide a deep stretch used to make me cringe! However, with in the last month I have fallen in love with janusirsasana and pachimottonasana!

How would you describe your classes?
Life is stressful! I practice yoga to release daily stress, stay healthy, and cultivate self-awareness. Depending on my day, I want to be challenged or I want a gentle practice. I love that I can decide what I need during my practice. That is exactly what I try to bring to my classes! A place to come to distress and do something kind for yourself!

Is there anything else you'd like to tell your students?
I can’t wait to practice with you!