Sarah Halcott

How did you begin your yoga practice?

I found Yoga in college and began practicing with a friend who was a

yoga instructor. My husband herniated a disc in his back and practicing together helped him walk. I continued my own practice for many years guided by the idea that i should do what feels good. Unfortunately I over stretched myself with out strengthening and trained myself right out of alignment. I learned a valuable lesson that I should either know more about yoga, practice with Gurus who know yoga, or both.

Why do you practice yoga?

I practice yoga for so many reasons. I have a little girl, after she was

born my hips healed out of alignment and it took years of PT to walk with pain. I also suffered postpartum depression which spiraled me into negativity. Practicing yoga helps my pain, I have learned the importance of proper alignment and I am training to regain muscle. Learning that our bodies are supposed to pop open to create space has been life changing. I was told as a kid not to make those pops and had become quite stiff in some places, which was painful as well. Doing the YTT at Soul Yoga has also reinvigorated my reading practice, which helps me understand myself and helps me let go of my depression and anger. I practice yoga because I am a better person through yoga, calmer, stronger and ready for the moment at hand.

Where did you receive your training? When were you certified?

I received my YTT in 2018 at Soul Yoga, lead by the amazing Eva Whipple and supported by a community of yogi’s.

Why do you teach yoga?

Teaching yoga is reciprocal, I learn, I teach, I learn more, I teach more, teaching helps me continue my education in yoga. I want to read about poses which helps me teach them which makes me want to learn more. Also, sharing yoga with people so that they can become better acquainted with their own bodies is empowering, I empower them to empower themselves.

What else do you do with your time?

We homeschool our daughter with a theme of wellness and self care,

inspired by yoga. I am also a potter with a home studio, Amused Studios. I love art, I also blow glass (mainly pendants on a torch) sing and play instruments and have fun expressing myself artistically. I love color and have painted every room in my house with bright colors and murals. I am the secretary for the Clay Guild of the Eastern Shore and work on a variety of art related projects with the members, we are collaborate with the Art League of Ocean City on a yearly Clay festival called Clay-a-palooza. I believe that art is integral for a healthy life as it is an expression of the self.

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

It is hard to choose just one pose that would be my favorite, but being

pressed I would say pigeon also know in sanskrit as Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana. The pose is a great hip opener and variations can be done in so many ways, in a chair, upside down on the back even against the wall for extra push. On the floor as the classic pose there is a moment for balance as well. Who doesn’t need more balance in their lives?

How would you describe your classes?

My classes are slow and relaxed and I love to use props. I usually start the class lying on the ground with breathing and meditation, moving through supine poses that stretch and strengthen the body. I often move students to work through standing balancing postures then back down to the belly for locust to invigorate the immune system. I finish the class with more breathing and meditation. People often say they feel very relaxed when they leave.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell your students?

Coming from a place of depression and pain I am very gentle with students. Yoga means connecting your mind and your body. Accepting yourself and loving your self as you are is so important to living the best life. If you have ever wondered if you can take yoga, if you can lay on the floor you can take my gentle yoga class!