Shelby Trenary

How did you begin your yoga practice?
I began yoga as a way of cross training for my dance career, however I quickly realized yoga was so much more. Yes it helped me with strengthening and injury prevention, but it also allowed me the opportunity to take care of my mental health and manage the stress of living In The big apple! 

Why do you practice yoga?
I practice yoga to take time for self-reflection and self-compassion as well as to promote kindness and to care for myself physically. In return, this allows me to better care for those around me. 

Where did you receive your training? When were you certified? 
I received my 200-Hour certification at Soul Yoga studio under the direction of Eva Whipple in October 2018.

Why do you teach yoga? 
Practicing yoga has brought so much light into my life and I simply want to help others find the same! 

What else do you do with your time? 
I love to spend time with family and friends at the beach and on the water! Surfing, paddle boarding, anything to get out in the sun and moving! I also enjoy traveling to teach and choreograph for dancers of all ages! 

What is your favorite yoga pose and why? 
Oh this is tough! There are so many wonderful poses with great health benefits! If I had to pick, I think I would choose Virabhadrasana II (Warrior 2) because of its ability to build self confidence and inner strength! As I settle into this pose, I feel the heat build within and I can conquer challenges!

How would you describe your classes? 
I am forever a student and learning new things to incorporate in my classes. I love to discover new challenges, modifications and stretches. I like to help students make the class fit their own needs and for them to feel comfortable in their experience. One can expect lots of stretching and balancing postures (if you haven't guessed yet, I am a dancer!) 

Is there anything else you'd like to tell your students? 
I am certified in Autism Movement Therapy and love to teach dance, yoga and movement therapy classes to those who are differently abled!